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Greeting Adventurers!

The Graf of Innsbruck is seeking skilled stewards and guilds to put together a feast befitting our mighty warriors that ventured deep into deserter territory to enforce the peace.

Invited are 50 prominent members of Innsbruck such as merchants and prominent townsman are invited to this exalted assembly. Design your menu for 50 guests and 2 special meal sets for the Graf and the Grafin. Cakes will be provided by the Miller's Guild. The Guild of Millers only uses the finest grain. true Innsbruckian bread for true Innsbruckians.

Entry Type: Solo or Guild
Reward: Unlocks a tag for weekly goodies from Innsbruck Chamberlain

Entry Instructions:
- Prepare 50 portions of food for your menu
- Prepare 2 special portions of food for the Graf and Grafin
- Hand in your entry in-game to an Admin/Moderator
- Comment below with your entry and justification for menu choices

Other Instructions:
You can be quite creative when it comes to your menu, for example you could make a stew and also provide cheese on the side with a knife and explain that it is intended to shred the cheese and put it in the stew.

How many courses you are serving is up to you. This event is more roleplay rather than ingame mechanic.


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The feast presented by Knights of the Apocalypse for the Graf and Grafn of Innsbruck will be hosted in the courtyard of the Burg. As the guests near the citadel around dusk they can see bonfires in the distance and can hear the sound of war drums. As the guests go through the gate they can hear members of Knights of the Apocalypse singing. As they turn to their left they see a stage where they see several members of the group dressed in wolf pelts as they are singing and playing instruments.

((The song is led by UStbd singing the song as follows:

His voice reverberates around the courtyard as many of the staff from Knights of the Apocalypse are wearing lynx outfits and are preparing each table. There are several bonfires lit around the yard with several people dancing and chanting around them clad in bear fur as they continuously swing and move around these fires. The courtyard itself feels ominous as it is decorated with deer pelts as floor mats, furs litter the walls of the castle as well as decorations and idols made out of wood, bone, and antler. The deer are stretched across the ground with tables and chairs arranged on top of several of the pelts. On each table there is a table covering with fine boar hides that are soft to the touch. As the courtyard turns to the entryway of the castle there is a high table setting placed upon exquisite hide and there are furs and mantles of bones scattered around where the Graf and Grafn will sit. There are also several barrels positioned nearby where the Knights of the Apocalypse staff can refill the drinks of the guests.

Near the well the guests can smell the maple smoke where Chef Pilvey has been working tirelessly and is demonstrating his skills with knife and ladle as he prepares the meal for each guest. He is making a spectacle out of each cut of his blade into the deer, boar, rabbit, and ox hung behind his workstation. As the guests finish sitting down they are served their first round of alcoholic beverages. The guests and Graf and Grafn are all served one round of wine. As the drinks are being poured lights and sounds begin erupting throughout the night sky. Fireworks begin to burst in a choreographed fashion of various colors (Orange, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow) as the chanting and singing begins to get louder and echo throughout the district, and smoke fills the air almost creating a haze or a fog throughout the courtyard.

The drumming begins again as staff begin to parade the food into the courtyard where first the Graf and Graft are served the Appetizers followed behind a group of fire dancers, axe jugglers, and drummers all wearing fur armor. Pilvey would appear from the smoke clad in plate armor draped with a bear hide with a massive boar head helmet. He would step to the nobles table and take a deep bow and then speak “Thank you my liege for allowing us to host this fine feast for you.” He would take a bow again and back up away from the table to the center of the courtyard and bellow out “BEGIN THE WILD HUNT!” As he yells it out several staff members begin pulling ropes attached to the bone and antler decorations so they begin to rattle. Bonfires upon the wall and at the edges of the courtyard erupt into flames. Then after a moment the rattling and drums stop and the singing continues to reverberate throughout the courtyard so that the guests may talk and make merry throughout the rest of the feast.

Members of KOTA who have been on Hegemony and we credit this feast towards.
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Fried Mushroom & Cheesy Onion Soup
A stone-glazed bowl is placed before you, steam noticeably seeps from the crevices. As the pottery lid is removed, a burst of heat, laden with the sweet smell of onion and freshly fried mushrooms. A fine layer of lightly crisped cheese and a few fried mushrooms coats the top of the soup, containing the vast majority of the soups aroma. Not only has the bowl contained the warmth of the soup but you can smell how the cheese has infused with the onion. Breaking the cheese loose, the sweet yet spicy tang from the onion and chicken broth are coated with the richness of the cheese’s fat. Each spoonful of this soup contains the mixture of sweet yellow and tangy red onion, alongside more fried mushrooms that have soaked in the soup's broth, allowing for additional bursts of flavor.

Barley & veggie soup, made with a rabbit based stock, with a slice of bread
A stone-glazed bowl is placed before you, steam noticeably seeps from crevices. As the pottery lids are removed, a burst of heat emits from the vessel. Mixing with the cool air, you pick up on the scent of finely shredded rabbit and vegetables. Upon your first scoop of the soup, you can see swollen bits of barley that have taken in the rich stock among diced carrots, sweet peas, and rabbit. The rabbit, from what you can assess, has been seasoned prior to being roasted and shredded into the soup with salt, pepper and basil, enhancing the sweet and salty acidity in the stock that now coats your tongue.

Egg Potato Hash, a Guest of Honor Exclusive
A warm oval-shaped hash is presented before you. The potatoes coating the outside of this otherwise smooth shaped dish have been shredded and salted before being baked to a crispy exterior. As you cut into the shape, you are greeted with the smell of lightly salted eggs and cubed pieces of venison and potato. The shape of the dish seems to have been created by a thinly sliced sheet of venison, encasing the hashed mixture. As you take your first bite, you can taste the salty crunch of the potato pieces from the outside of the hash along with the cubed inner potato that gives way to a softened interior. The venison has retained a pink, juicy center, lightly spiced with pepper seasoning the outside of each piece before mingling with the salted scrambled eggs.


Vegetable stew with slice of wheat bread
An entree is set before you. A hot bowl of what seems to be stew riddled with refreshing greens. Many of the vegetables seem to derive from forest vegetation. A twist to your typical stew, this one seems to have spring onions, dandelion greens and nettle amongst the traditional carrots and potato. The broth itself is a thickened boar broth, made with the bones and giblets of wild boar giving it a strong kick that then mellows out alongside the greens. The stew itself is fatty but also offers a medicinal value with the dandelion greens and nettles giving it a slightly tangy bite. Served with the stew is a loaf of wheat bread that seems to sufficiently absorb the flavors intermingling within the broth.

Braised Beef and crispy onions
A plate it set before you. On it you find a medium cooked, braised beef seasons with salt and what looks like a crisp coating of fat and honey sauce. The meat seems to glisten in the candle-light. Garnishing the top of the beef you find crispy onions, some with a golden brown crunch while underneath the crisps you find sauteed onion, cooked in butter until caramelized. The rich, creamy juices coat you mouth as the braised beef and onions dance around your tongue.

The Iron Chef Special: Smoked Boar stuffed with herbs, with baked potato and optional cheese, butter, salt and pepper, a Guest of Honor Exclusive
A number of servers carry in a large wooden board, at first it is hard to discern what it is they are carrying in and then it is set before the nobles. A whole smoked boar rests upon the plate, skinned and smoked whilst being sure to keep the head intact with tusks displayed proudly. A gentleman leans in to cut the meat for serving and within it you are greeted with an array of aromatics that permeate your senses. The boar itself has been smoked over maple wood, while the body has been filled with both sage and basil, while pepper and salt extend throughout the body. As you begin to cut into your boar, you see that the sheen on the skin appears slightly crisp. A fine layer of scored fat has been left on the body allowing for the outside to become crisp while also containing the smoked maple flavor of the meat. Potatoes are displayed along the exterior, the skin baked to a fine wrinkle, leaving the inside soft and tender. The potatoes seem to have been pre sliced along the center, and as you open it further, you see that the interior of the potatoes have also been seasoned with salt, pepper and a generous layer of sharp cheese.

Shepherd’s Pie
A slice of what appears, at a quick glance, to be pie is set before you. Upon further inspection you see that this flakes pastry has been stuffed with both mutton, cut into strips and mashed potatoes, cupping the thick layer of meat in the center. The mutton has been seasoned with basil, salt and pepper while the potatoes retain a velvety texture from the absorbed juices of the meat. The crust of the pie remains flakey, offering a variety of textures to mingle as you enjoy the dish.

Spongecake with Apple Jam
Before is placed a delicate looking desert. The outside of the cake is a sunny golden colored cake that offers an almost bouncy give as you cut into it revealing a satin white interior with a thin layer of sweet ginger-spiced apple jam. Taking a moment to take in the flavors, you can feel the buttery, fluffy texture of the cake intermingling with the apple bits within the rich ginger jam.

Apple Strudel
An almost individualized strudel is placed before you with an intricate braiding of the pastry dough. The exterior is glazed in egg wash and sprinkled with sugar granules giving it a glittering effect against candle-light. Cutting into the pastry you can see each layer of dough flake and crumble before being consumed by the finely cut apple compote. The crunch of the apple seems to be preserved in each bite, yet cooked to just the right level of softness that it offers no resistance to your each cut.

Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping, a Guest of Honor Exclusive
Placed before you is a creamy slice of cheesecake. Its body is composed of freshly churned milk before being processed into cream cheese and mixed with sugar, eggs and a slow churned butter. The crust of the cake is a granulated mixture of crumbled, crispy bread, butter, ginger and sugar, packed into a golden brown casing for the exterior of the cake. Atop the cake, it is dressed with a generous glazing of strawberry topping that had been sliced and layed out to rest in a mixture of sugar-water until it represents a rich fruit syrup. From there, fresh strawberries are once again, sliced to garnish the presentation before you. As you cut into the cake, its body remains firm, but immediately gives way in your mouth to a velvety, creamy texture.

Gin, a Guest of Honor Exclusive
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The feast of Cavimak Harimate

Several members of Cavimak Harimate are pushing trolleys to one side of the competition place. A long row of tables with the guild banner adorned get loaded swiftly. The guild’s chef, Technoboy80_, is standing next to the guild leaders Ranie and Glerk. He is introducing the dishes of the guests first:

“Dear Lords and Ladies, dear guests and judges for today’s competition. I hereby announce Cavimak Harimate’s menu to our honoured guests!

For an easy entry and to fend against the cold, we present you a rich chicken broth. The chicken was rubbed with pepper and salt and rested a night to deepen the flavour and was carefully simmered with the freshest vegetables. May all of you stay healthy.

As main dish, we have assorted meat and fish, carefully roasted, seasoned and garnered with potatoes, filled with Morels, Birch bolete and onions, to neutralize the aftertaste of each sort of meat and fish. The plate contains honeyed lamb and thinly sliced perk and salmon steaks.

To round today’s menu, we prepared fresh Quince Pie. Please be careful as they are still hot. Our guildmembers acquired these ripe quinces and turned them into a fine jam. To accompany the feast, we prepared some honey wine. As it needs many hands to make a land prosper, we worked hard together to pay everyone here back for letting us prosper.”

After a short pause, Technoboy80_ cleared his throat and stepped in front of the Graf and Gräfin, bowing courteously.

“My liege, to not insult you with the same menu our guests had. Our guild prepared a special menu for your Excellencies:

As appetizer, I would like to turn your attention to this warm gingerbread. Ginger has long been used as a deterrent to the cold in the East and I got this recipe from the Emissary himself. The bread is followed with a Scotch Broth. Please take note of the peculiar colour. It is a result of using local tomatoes, resembling the red lips of a young maiden, and roasted lamb loin. The texture is smooth and pleasing as the base is made from chicken stock and garnered with a thyme twig.

To refresh your taste, we prepare some biscuits with whipped cream. The milk was freshly delivered from Telfs his morning. Our main dish is a plate with assorted meat, although you might frown over the similarity with our guest’s main dish, let me please explain:

These are troubled times and as everyone has worked hard to make our lands prosper and spread our fame, we cannot afford to be separated. To solidify our union, our guild took the liberty to make a main dish for your Excellencies which has a common component with your subject’s.

Our assorted plate for your Excellencies contains one piece of roasted lamb, two slices of venison, provided by our hunting expert X_Hypermess_X, a salmon baked in salt and herbs, as well as smoked eel filets and some lovely boiled shrimps. Alongside we have a dark sauce made from mushrooms and onions and a lighter one with tomatoes, to dip the shrimps.

Following the meat and fish, we gathered different types of cheese in the alpine hamlets. Please enjoy this young Tilsiter, the fascinating blue sprinkles of this Blue cheese or the rustic texture of this medium aged Luneberg. We prepared this 3-year-old wine to go with the cheese.

Our last dish is a custard, made from the finest milk and cream of alpine hamlets and Telfs. It was slowly baked and sprinkled with sugar to give it the golden-brown colour. The inner part is smooth and firm like a silk cloth. Please let the subtle sweetness wash away your fatigue.”

With this Technoboy80_ bows again and retreats to the side.
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