Behind the Scenes - December

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Merry early Christmas everyone!

This month we will be working on our super secret mechanic slated for our next expansion as well as focusing our efforts on constructing Innsbruck, all in all Innsbruck will host over 300 houses (most will be rentable)

We're also beginning to work on our retainer system which will let you own NPCs and have them run your shop this month.

We will be sharing with you details of the new mechanic later this month and be editing this post with details.

Lo and behold! Our super secret mechanic we're working on is Jousting!


This is a very interesting minigame that requires skill both in terms of when to thrust the lance as well as target tracking. You'll be able to score differing amount of points when you knock someone's helmet off or simply break a lance on them.

Construction of Innsbruck is going extermely well with over 50 houses already complete so far.