Behind the Scenes - February

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This month we're just focusing on getting our release ready so we do not have much to share, we're working hard to flesh out all the content and stress test our systems!

Here is a teaser of a new armour set being made:


We're also working hard on our announcement trailer which we hope to share with you soon!

This month we're also working on overhauling the retainer interface, as well as creating 3 lategame sets that can be attained with special bonuses and effects. We're just doing the final pieces of work required for our release, stay tuned!

Here is a Work in Progress screenshot of the retainer interface.

We're also fleshing out the Town of Innsbruck out more with plans to add an Antiques Trader, Gem Trader, Ore Trader and Spice Trader. We're improving the Deserter Mine by adding a NPC that sells better pickaxes as well as rebalancing the prices of pickaxes.
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