Behind the Scenes - July

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posted Jul 7, 19

Hello everyone!

Server is now back in a state that can be play-tested, we did a lot of work refactoring code to update the server to 1.14 and it has definitely paid off in terms of AI performance!
Backend Infrastructure
This month in terms of content we worked on three very important pieces of backend infrastructure.
1) Server backend infrastructure for load management
This is important for when we release that allows us to scale to meet our expected player count.
2) More world interaction
You will be able to interact more directly with the world with our latest backend infrastructure. Such as searching haystacks and bookshelves to pickpocketing market stalls.
3) Packs and Patrols
Special mobs will spawn as a pack and travel around the world, these could be for example tax collectors, wandering merchants, or caravans and such.
Sell Menu Improvements

We've upgraded the sell interface to be more intuitive and to display precisely what the shop buys. If you have a certain amount of goods in your inventory, higher sell options such as 5 and 10 per click do show up. All in all much more intuitive system.
We also fixed a long-standing bug that caused you to buy a whole stack rather than 1 item when holding a stack and right-clicking one into your inventory.
Last month we gave all weapon textures their metal appropriate textures. This month we will be adding it for all armours, here is a sneak peak:

Gameplay Content
We're halfway in implementing a new quest, it is long and extremly interesting! Here are a few teasers on the new NPCs involved:

We also took this opportunity to give Lena a makeover!

The Plan for July
- Pickpocketing Update
- Pickpocketing Market Stalls
- Travelling Merchant Pack NPC
- More Quests (Aiming 5+ new quests)
- More Mobs (Aiming 15+ new mobs)
- Full Implementation of Durability
- More World Engagement
- Forgery Skill Recipes (~15 useful utility recipes - Fast Travel will use Travel Permits now)
- More Fast Travel (To all major locations)
- Implementing of all Base Prices and Purveyance Prices of Items
- Implementation of Sheep
- Implementation of 2 new leather armour sets
- Implementation of 2 new metal armour sets
- More Textures Implementation