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posted Jun 4, 19

Hello everyone!
We've had an extremely hectic May both due to Minecraft updating to 1.14 and we biting off a lot of areas we're polishing up and adding content to. We have also been busy growing the development team and have recently taken on a Game Designer to assist with content creation (hopefully freeing me up to finally finish Innsbruck), a dedicated 2D Artist to create a complete overhaul to the ingame experience.

As we had to refactor a lot of code for 1.14 we decided to also refactor some old systems such as switching from 3D textures to 2D, looking into making music more non-blocky, optimizing various things that were eating into performance such as custom lighting and remastering our older builds that have aged a little compared to what we are capable of now.

Schonsee has had an asset upgrade, where many buildings had little details added and the overall scene improved upon, and replacing certain blocks that had special textures in Optifine (without sacrificing quality for non-Optifine users).

We have added various nifty details which will be expanded upon to other areas through the creation of various 2D assets that are used to liven up scenes such as a roast boar in the Schonsee Tavern:

We've also focused a lot on small details that add to the immersion of the world for players. You can now sheathe Arming Swords and Bastard Swords by holding them in your left hand. The plan is to extend this slowly to the other weapons as time to create art assets becomes available.
Arrows now when held in the left hand go into your quiver, and you can easily tell what arrow your opponent is using based on their quiver.

We've also implemented new textures for herbs and tech to support changing the art of ferns in the ground to correspond to what herb is in the location:

We have also taken the time to implement all the new crafting benches to make crafting more logical, for example arrows are now crafted on smithing tables and bows are crafted on fletching tables.
One of the biggest updates that we have done is an economy balance pass on current items, and the creation of a special item (Purveyance Orders) which when used with an item buys the item at a set rate, earning you Merchanting Experience. You require higher Merchanting levels to sell certain things.
Purveyance Orders can be crafted after significant investment in training perhaps the most expensive artisan skill currently implemented: Forgery
We plan to fully implement these 2 new skills and the economy revamp this June. Also planned for June is the creation of at least 10 new quests of which 2 will be part of the main storyline.

We also plan to add more mobs, NPCs, shops and finally get to implementing the Tattered Scrolls feature will allow you to solve clues to find valuable and unique loot!
We plan on continuing to improve crafting by refactoring recipes, and doing a sound + balance pass on all existing recipes (eg grouping by Metal).
We plan on implementing shields and durability for all items (including tools, but also nerfing the cost). Do not worry, Bronze weapons will last at least a day of gameplay before breaking, it is not intended that you are constantly reforging your equipment.

On the testing realm we will be further testing the balance and setting up of the land claiming system.

Stay tuned! Lot's coming!