Behind the Scenes - November

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Hello everyone!

The farming update continues! We are rehauling how farming works and will be introducing phasing tech and public plots to the world. The majority of your farming will now be carried out on these public plots, only you can see and interact with your crops as they are phased to you.

This should alleviate the issue of having to rent / hoard farmland rentals.


The first public plot added to Europa will be near Hofsteden by the Pottery Hamlet. It features a Produce Allotment, Herb Allotment and Flower Allotment.

We've also plan on adding around 40 new seeds that can be planted, implemented 2 new herbs and 2 new potions which grant damage immunity, added Compost Bin mechanics where you can decompose organic items to receive fertilizers of varying strengths and balanced their effect on all plantable crops.

We're also working on thieving this month with a rehaul on thieving output, experience gain and also introducing thievable stalls as well as the Master Farmer which can be pickpocketed for seeds. We hope to add over 10 different stall types which you can steal from as well as visuals to show that the goods in the stall have been stolen from.

Here is to a merry month of thieving and farming!