Behind the Scenes - September

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Hello everyone!

This month we're working hard to spruce up combat and do various quality of life changes and content polishing. As well as balancing in general the mobs in the game and attempting to add more mobs.

We will be focusing mob-wise heavily on hostile mobs such as Wolves, Bears and other mobs which can be skinned and their furs used for tailoring. And as a result, we're able to balance the price of those fur based armours that have been in the game.

Content wise we plan on storyboarding several new quests this month including the start of our Vertriebenen Storyline quests that will culminate in an endgame encounter in the future. We're also adding new mining locations and higher tier coals to unlock the crafting of better equipment to allow you to tackle these harder mobs, below is under construction Deserter Mine which will host a few Sub-bituminous Nodes (Content Generously Donated by MoshonT).


We're also beginning to implement tech that will allow us to run treasure-clue mechanics, allowing you to travel over the world solving clues to get awesome rewards.

We're streamlining Weapon and Armoursmithing by making Pig Iron a legacy item and you no longer have to smelt Pig Iron as an intermediary for the better metals, we have rebalanced the cost of armours and such based on this change as well. We've increased overall the experience gain for Smithing to make it a slightly less strenuous ability to train.

We plan on doing a full review of Weapon and Armoursmithing later this month as well both in terms of materials, price as well as experience gain so expect further improvements soon.

Here is to a very productive month!