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Hello everyone!

We're about to launch in just around 9 hours, it is a very exciting and stressful time for us. The extra 2 weeks allowed us to carry out several large stress tests and have carried out significant performance upgrades!

Here is some housekeeping things regarding the launch:

Server Capacities

Currently our network supports up to 2,500 player peak. We will add more machines as required, it is extremely easy for us to scale up and open more instances so don't worry if you cannot immediately join, we will get more instances as required.


Some spawnpoints were removed and such and we'll be slowing turn them on over the next few days just in case they cause perfromance issues.

Content Updates Post Launch

This will be disabled for around 2 weeks to make it fair for newer players to acquire the relevant social ranks, wealth and land deeds to get a fair start.

Quests and Content: There are a lot of content we have made already such as recipes for Shields, Leatherworking Skill, Agility Skill, a new Militia rank and much more. They are undergoing QA and will be deployed post launch very quickly.

Rank up Quests: Villein Rank up will be delpoyed on the 9th of March, Townsman rank up will be deployed on 12th of March

How Updates work: We restart servers one at a time so that players are moved to non-restarting servers. You will not feel the restarts and it allows us to dynamically add content and deploy bug fixes without interferring with your gaming experience.

We plan to have the new quests, Militia tasks, Thieving Guild capers and Leatherworking update deployed within 3 days.

Bugs: We have scoped down the immediate content available on release as we only have released the content we have made already that is heavily QA'ed, the other content is made and just pending QA. if you find any bugs please report either on Discord or our Forums.


The pets available from Subscriptions do not have all animations, feed function and rename function done yet. We expect to finish all that within a few days and get it all QA'ed (Pets are solely cosmetic)