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Farming is an important activity in Hegemony, not only is it quite a unique skill to train, but provides a good supply of spices, food, herbs (culinary) and also the only way to reliably acquire the higher tier herblore herbs that are used in essential potions for tackling boss/late game content.

How to Farm

All over the world, there are public farm patches, some have Allotment Patches, Flower Patches and Herb Patches, what a public farming area contains is varied.

Players must first prepare the land by ploughing, watering (optional) and fertilizing (optional), then you can plant the corresponding seed into the farming patch.

Below is an old video on farming (Farming is much faster in the current version of Hegemony)

Crop Stages

Crop undergoes various stages and they can become diseased and die during these, watering the land and fertilizing the land beforehand reduces the chance of this occuring significantly.


Each plant has a base yield which can be improved by fertilizers also. You gain experience when you prepare the land, plant the seed and harvest the crop with the majority of the experience coming from harvesting (the more yield the more experience).

Compost Bins

Compost bins can also be found at public farming plots, you can place organic materials into them to make various fertilziers on masse, the downsides compared to Manure and Bonemeal is that it takes time for Compost Bins to compost the organic material to decompose into fertilizer.

The value of the items you put in will determine how strong the fertilizer is outputted.

Role in Economy

Farming is the only reliable and sure-fire way to get a stable supply of the late-game herbs Yarrow and Henbane which are a MUST for sustained ventures into late-game bossing content and encounters.

The seeds for these herbs therefore due to farming would also increase in demand, high end seeds can be gained from farming and tackling mid-late game mobs.

How exactly and what these potions do we will be explaining in tomorrow's Herblore post.

Farming Patch Unlocking

A lot of farming patches will be unlocked via questing, and once you unlock sufficent, and only want to do pure farming you can travel from plot to plot taking care of your crops without stopping. In the wild world, you are allowed a maximum amount of farming blocks in your owned land based on the land size limit.

You can upgrade plots (at cost) to be for example Herb Patch or Allotment Patch and so on, allowing you also to supplement your farming on your owned lands.

Farming Vocation

There will be a Provisioner Vocation (Similar to Militia) but you'll be growing crops, crafting supplies to support the war effort, moving from a simple Farmer to Grand Purveyor to the realm with excellent rewards for completing "Shipments".

For more information and exact values check out the farming page on the wiki: