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Today’s mechanic discussion is Herblore and the use of potions; this is linked to yesterday’s mechanic discussion on Farming.


There are various herbs across Europa and they grow wild all over the lands, you will find ferns with different textures throughout the world, most of the time

For example the Herb below is a Rue, which has yellow-ish flowers. Only low tier herbs can be found in the wild as higher level herbs need to be cultivated by players. Most often you’ll just see common weed in the world, but as you remove weed there is a chance it will grow back to a herb (or just another weed) after some time.

Only lower tier herbs can be found and this is not an efficient way of acquiring herbs. However if you’re travelling maybe break the weeds on your way to make the next traveller potentially find some useful herbs!


Potions are very useful things; the most generic ones allow a stat-boost to your stats involving a two part boost, a fixed base boost and a boost based on a percentage of your stat.

Some of the more interesting utility potions such as one that increases your work speed (one that increases your mining and woodcutting speed),

Other very important utility potions are:

Potion of Numbness
  • Potion of Reflexes
Which gives you immunity to melee and ranged damage respectively, these come in 10 dose bottles and can be sipped instantly (0.25 second eat time) and provide 10 seconds of immunity. They are meant to be used in reaction to bosses powering up strong attacks (some boss skills pierce through a percentage of this so the potion acts as mitigation rather than full immunity).

Richer players of course can choose to glug these potions as if they were fizzy-drinks and maintain immunity to damage for entire fights instead of to mitigate the worst of damage.

These are almost essential or rather make the fight much demanding on supplies such as food for later encounters. Someone using just food would likely have the fight drawn out as they would be spending more time eating, and eating more food due to health lost, meaning they would be able to achieve less boss kills per bank trip for that encounter.

These potions will definitely be higher in demand and therefore drive the demand for the two herbs which are ingredients: Yarrow and Henbane (which also drives the price of their seeds).

The good news is mobs also drop herbs including high-tier herbs and seeds.

Effect on Economy

As potions are a consumable supply and one of the 4 things consumed in doing content the others being food, equipment durability and ammunition, it drives a positive feedback loop with the economy.

Potions especially the later ones will definitely be used on a daily basis by players for both combat, temporary stat boost to do something and gatherers who wish to increase their efficiency.

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