Mechanic Reveal - Renting and Properties

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There are two types of properties that players can own:

1) Rentable Properties

2) Player-owned Land

Today we will be doing a mechanic reavel on the rentable type properties.

Rentable Properties

Rentable properties can be found all over the world, there are two types of rentable properties, instanced and non-instanced.

Instanced properties are like farming, only you can see and interact with the contents of your rental, there will normally be a few of these in each rentable location so no one misses out if they really want a rental in a particular location.

Non-instanced can only be rented by one person and changes you make will be visible to other players, these propogate to all server instances.

Benefits of Properties

Owning properties have the advantage of you building fixtures in them that either are crafting stations, items generation or other useful furniture.

An example can be seen here in our previous trailer:

You can also fast tarvle to your owned/rented properties from any of your owned/rented properties or travel merchants. So building up rentals in strategic locations will offer quite easy travel.

Rental Property Types
  • Dwelling: General purpose property
  • Farmstead: Features farming spots for planting crops
  • Workshop: Features specialized crafting hotspots
  • Shop: Allows the accommodation of shopkeepers
Within these are tiers, they have restrictions in order to rent them such as your social standing.

Sharing Rented Properties

Players can grant other players permissions to interact with their properties by clicking on the "Manage permissions" icon. There are 5 types of permissions:

  • Set who can take from your fixtures
  • Set who can farm on your land
  • Set who can use your NPCs
  • Set who can use your workbenches
  • Set who can visit while you are offline

Each type of permission have three different levels of access:
  • Tenants (You are the Tenant)
  • Tenants and Friends
  • Everyone
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