From Hegemony

Mobs are enemies or animals you can kill.

Friendly Mobs

Friendly Mobs are mobs, that even you hit them don't attack you.

Baby Animals

  1. Lv.1 Chick
  2. Lv.3 Lamb
  3. Lv.7 Piglet


  1. Lv.1 Field Rat
  2. Lv.1 Chicken
  3. Lv.2 Marmot
  4. Lv.3 Forest Hare
  5. Lv.4 Snow Hare
  6. Lv.5 Cow
  7. Lv.21 Alpine Fox

Passive Mobs

Passive Mobs are mobs, that only attack you when you hit them.

Baby Animals

  1. Lv.12 Lynx Cub
  2. Lv.21 Alpine Wolf Cub


  1. Lv.5 Ewe
  2. Lv.7 Ram
  3. Lv.15 Sow
  4. Lv.18 Wild Boar
  5. Lv.26 Bull
  6. Lv.27 Alpine Lynx


  1. Lv.3/4 Peasant
  2. Lv.11 Townswoman
  3. Lv.12 Townsman (Mob)
  4. Lv.3 Militia Levy
  5. Lv.11 Militia Recruit
  6. Lv.12 Militia Archer
  7. Lv.16 Militia Spearman
  8. Lv.18/19 Bandit
  9. Lv.30 Town Watch
  10. Lv.31 Veteran
  11. Lv.35 Longbowman
  12. Lv.59 Jaeger

Agressive Mobs

Agressive Mobs are mobs, that attack you even you don't hit them.

  1. Lv.43 Alpine Wolf
  2. Lv.60 Brown Bear


Bosses are agressive Mobs, that you can spawn at Arenas for gulden.

  1. Lv.45 Octavia (Boss)
  2. Lv.67 Ser Prisdt