Rentable Properties

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Players are able to own rentable properties scattered throughout the realm. Rentable properties features various "hotspots" that can be replaced with useful fixtures such as crafting stations and furniture. See Carpentry for list of fixtures.


  • Have a rank of atleast Peasant (Rank). (See Ranks for more information on rentable property limits and highest property tier available)
  • Have sufficient guldens in your inventory. The cost of each property varies depending on the size and location


  • Travel between rented properties and Player owned land at no cost
  • Create furniture periodically, which spawns useful resources such as logs and food
  • Place crafting stations and stoves for easy access to crafting recipes
  • Establish a shop to house shopkeeper NPCs, who will purchase and sell goods on your behalf

Property Guide

How to purchase properties

Renting Properties

Rentable properties can be found in major towns and cities. They are buildings that are marked with a sign beside the door that details:

  • Property Type
  • Gulden cost for 7 days
  • Occupancy status

To purchase the property, right click the sign and a menu will appear. The minimum lease is 7 days, which can be extended up to 28 days. Once the property is purchased, text on the sign will be changed to reflect:

  • Property Type
  • Lease period remaining
  • Name of tenant(s)

Note that the price of the property may fluctuate overtime.

Upon the end of the lease, all fixtures will be removed and the property will be reverted back to its default state (remember to pay your rent!)

Types of Properties

There are four types of rentable property:

  • Dwelling: General purpose property
  • Farmstead: Features farming spots for planting crops
  • Workshop: Features specialized crafting hotspots
  • Shop: Allows the accommodation of shopkeepers

Players are only allowed to rent two properties of each type.

Tiers of Properties

Access to each tier of rentable property depends on the ranks of the player. Higher tiers of property tend to feature larger spaces with more hotspots for furniture and workbenches. There are currently four tiers of rentable property:

  • Humble Cottage/Farmstead
  • Modest Cottage/Farmstead
  • Impressive Cottage/Farmstead
  • Townhouse

Instanced Properties

Non-instanced properties are buildings that are visible to all players across all server instances. These properties can be accessed by any players. However, accessing the fixtures requires explicit permissions set by tenants. Non-instanced properties can be used as guild houses, shops, or simply showpieces.

Instanced properties are buildings that are visible to only the tenants. The interior of these properties transforms according to the configuration set by the tenant. Instanced properties are generally cheaper and are more likely used for its functional purposes, such as providing personal access to crafting stations and spawning useful resources.

How to manage and decorate properties

To access the menu for managing properties, type the following command into the chat box:


A list of rented properties will be shown as individual icons. Hover over each icon reveals the type of property, the coordinates of the property, ownership type of the property, and the remaining lease period.

There are 4 actions you can perform on your properties:

Extending lease

Players can extend their lease up to 28 days. Hovering over the "Extend Rent" icon shows you the amount of guldens required to extend the lease by 1 day. Clicking on the icon will extend the lease by 1 day.

Decorating properties

Players can place various crafting station and furniture by replacing any of the fixed hotspots within the property. Generally, the larger the property is, the more hotspots are available for crafting stations and furniture.

To reveal the hotspots in the property, follow these steps:

  1. Be physically inside the rented property
  2. Type /home into the chat box
  3. Select the rented property to be managed
  4. Select "Decorate Property" to enter the "Build mode"

Entering the build mode will reveal all possible hotspots in the property. These hotspots are represented as coloured wools, where each colour represents the type of fixture it can be replaced with.

  • Red wool represents stove fixtures, which is used for Cooking
  • Yellow wool represents crafting station fixtures, which features workbenches for various crafting recipes
  • Brown wool represents furniture fixtures, which periodically regenerate and stores resources.
  • Gray wool represents bed fixtures, which is required for hiring NPC to stay in the property
  • Blue wool represents decorations, which allows the placement of a wide ranged of decorations, some with special functions
  • White wool represents placeholders, which provides extra space for certain furniture that requires more than 1 block of space

Right-clicking any of the hotspots will reveal a menu providing a list of fixtures that you can place. The list depends on the type of hotspot interacted with. Placing a fixture will require level in relevant skills as well as certain tools. Leaving the rented property will exit the build mode, and hides all the unused hotspots in the house.

While in build mode, right-clicking an existing fixture will display a menu to manage the fixture. Hovering over "Current setting" shows the current furniture placed. "Delete current" removes the fixture and reverts the space into a hotspot. "Replace current" allows in place replacement of the fixture, which is useful for training Carpentry.

To see the list of fixtures available for replacing each type of hotspot, see Carpentry

Managing permissions for properties

Players can grant other players permissions to interact with their properties by clicking on the "Manage permissions" icon. There are 5 types of permissions:

  • Set who can take from your fixtures
  • Set who can farm on your land
  • Set who can use your NPCs
  • Set who can use your workbenches
  • Set who can visit while you are offline

Each type of permission have three different levels of access:

  • Tenants
  • Tenants and Friends
  • Everyone

Abandoning properties

Players who wishes to abandon properties and thereby freeing up the rented property limit can click on the "Abandon Estate" icon. All fixtures will be reverted to the default state and the property will be available for rent by other players.

WARNING: Guldens spent on the renting the property will not be refunded. The effects of abandoning properties are irreversible!

How to use properties

Using crafting stations and stoves

Right-clicking on crafting stations and stoves will bring up the relevant menu for crafting. This behaves the same as any publicly available crafting stations

Using furniture

Furniture periodically spawns resource items, up to a certain maximum stock. The tier of the item and the maximum stock depends on the quality of the furniture. Right-clicking on furniture brings up a menu, where players can withdraw the item spawned. Furniture cannot store items. Items can only be withdrawn outside of build mode.

Travelling between properties

To travel to rented properties, open up the /home menu and select the "Journey" icon. Select "Rented Regions" to bring up a menu that displays the properties rented. Select the rented property to fast travel to and your character will be immediately teleported. Alternatively, you can use /warp to bring up the same menu when you select "Owned Regions and Visits" option.

Accommodating NPCs

To allow NPCs to stay in the rented property, beds are required to accommodate them. The tier of the NPC that can be accommodated depends on the quality of the bed placed in the property. Each bed accommodates only one NPC.