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Alert, [] alert! A very addictive robot battles game! Latest version 8.4.0 Sep 8th, 2022 Requirements - Requires android 4.1 or higher.Frequent questions Where can i play war robots? You might play war robots on android, ios, and pc. To add this massively multiplayer online game for android, you are able use online shop or uptodown, while for pc, users are able to see it on my.Games store or steam. How many robots are there in war robots? There are more than 50 robots holding in war robots, all with unique powers and designs so you may play such wish game except media the guest want. When was war robots created? War robots was developed on april 14, 2014, which was its official release date for ios. It was released on september 2, 2015 for android. Can i play war robots with friends? To play war robots with friends, you may produce a squad by tapping on the "shield" icon among the upper right corner. You are able invite your friends, other players you've met in previous battles, or clan members.