Treasure Clue

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This page contains detailed information that may spoil your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Read at your own risk!

Treasure Clue is a mechanism where players can open tattered maps to spark a treasure hunt. Tattered maps that can be obtained from performing various activities in the game world.

Means of obtaining tattered maps

Treasure clue guide

Actions that involves digging will require you to bring a Shovel

Tattered Maps

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Image Action Coordinates

Clue 100 65 715.png


X:100, Y:65, Z:715

Clue 129 64 245.jpg


X:129, Y:64, Z:245

Clue 670 65 689.png


X:670, Y:65, Z:689

Clue 458 134 111.png


X:458, Y:133, Z:111
(Dig the second block at the coordinates specified while standing from X:459, Y:133, Z:111)

Cryptic Clue (Riddles)

Clue Action Coordinates

Speak to the one that can give you a great view of Innsbruck

Talk to Octavia

X:677, Y:61, Z:686
(See Thieves Guild for the secret entrance to this underground hideout)

Inkier than an octopus!

Speak to Clerk

X:757, Y:72, Z:710

I wonder how many bags they have given out?

Speak to Lena

X:477, Y:117, Z:-254

Wise beyond her years.
Compassionate Beyond her spirit.
Elegant beyond her trappings.

Speak to Grafin (Schonsee)

X:209, Y:117, Z:-43

All that glitters is not gold.


Dig in Sand at Hofsteden Hamlet X:-21, Y:63, Z:651

Dig between three crimson stars set upon a brown sky


X:-49, Y:70, Z:723